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Reviews of the Best Thickening Shampoo Products

Thickening shampoos are purchased by those who wish to add volume and body to their hair. Hair may lack volume and body due to being thin and fine. Fine hair does not hold style easily and has the tendency to look lifeless. The best thickening shampoo to

10 Little Known Facts about Your Shampoo with Biotin

Biotin is a part of the B-Complex vitamin, it is also known as vitamin H. Biotin is a very important vitamin and it plays a major role in growing healthy cells. It is also important for the synthesis of fatty acids and for the metabolism of amino

Reverse Hair Loss with a Natural DHT Blocker Shampoo

There are many reasons why a person may start losing their hair, but one of the prime reasons is dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. DHT is a hormone, it is an androgen and it can cause massive hair loss in men and women. When the hormone testosterone

Why Use An Organic Shampoo For Hair Loss?

An organic shampoo for hair loss is usually recommended, if you are suffering from thinning hair. There are many reasons that a person may start losing their hair, but some of the chief factors are stress, genetics, age and illness. Hair loss is not gender specific as