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Pros: This shampoo is 100% Certified Organic with many exotic herbal ingredients known to give your hair the best treatment an organic shampoo has to offer. It's in a league of its own. There are absolutely No harsh toxic chemicals to damage your hair.
Cons: At a price range of around $50, this product isn't cheap and will not be found in your local store. Due to it's heavy concentration of plant ingredients, it has a strong medicinal-like smell that does take time to getting used to.

The Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo stands out as another great example of a pure organic shampoo product.  It’s natural and therapeutic blend of essential oils, herbs and vitamins works extremely well for all hair types including normal, dry, oily, color-treated and thinning hair.   However, with a price tag above other shampoo products in this category, is it really worth spending your hard earned dollars on a product like this? Let’s find out.

About the brand

With a number of awards from the likes of Organic Beauty Talk and as a top green beauty choice for celebrities, The Dr. Alkaitis brand is an exceptional product that promotes “100 % Organic. Raw. Living. Therapeutic” for all its product lines ( skin care, bath & body as well as hair care).  In addition to this, Dr. Alkaitis stands firm behind the philosophy that “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin” as stated in this blog post. From this thought alone, you can begin to formulate in your mind that were talking about a high level of quality products.

In order to produce top of the line products, like this Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo we are reviewing, an enormous amount of effort goes into selecting the healthy ingredients your hair will experience after washing.  The best and highest quality organic ingredients are sourced from all over the globe.  All ingredients (herbal plants) are carefully inspected for their aroma and physical condition, to ensure the best elements are used for treating your hair naturally.  It’s comforting to know that you’re not getting a mixture of synthetic chemical ingredients in your shampoo, but 100% organic elements that will help  keep your hair and body healthy.

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So What’s in the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Shampoo Bottle?

The Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo is packed with some essential ingredients that include Organic Aloe Vera Gel,  Coconut Oil, and Grapefruit Seed Extract to name a few. But let’s quickly focus on what makes this shampoo so unique and effective. Dr. Alkaitis formulated the Hair & Scalp Herbal Complex (includes Horsetail, Oat Buds, Coltsfoot*, Wild Chamomile, Lacris*, Boxwood, Greater Nettle*, Comfrey*, White Man’s Foot*, Garden Sage*, Panama Bark, Dulse, Rosemary*, Jojoba*, Mexican Sarsaparilla, Aztec Marigold*, and Wild Andean Rose).  Let’s highlight and  take a brief look at some of the ingredients and there benefits.


  • Horsetail – is a plant that resembles the tail of a horse, which contains a large number of anti-inflamatory, antioxidant and many other health benefits for the body. Research has shown that the silica found in horsetail promotes hair growth and helps to reduce hair loss, dandruff.
  • Coltsfoot – comes from the same family as the sunflower and is very rich in nutrients.  The plant contains a high level of silica which adds elasticity and sheen to the hair shaft. It’s a great element to help strengthen and serve as a conditioner to preserve the hair.
  • Wild Chamomile – is a flowering plant from the Asteraceae family that helps to remedy any issues with split ends, inflammation and scalp irritations.
  • Greater Nettle – a plant source that serves as a powerful herbal remedy to treat oily hair, scalp and dandruff.
  • White Man’s Foot – this medicinal plant has the scientific name of Plantago Major, but was known to Native Americans as White Man’s Foot for the way it thrived in certain conditions. It’s benefit to the hair includes

Some other ingredients include Vitamin B-5, Hydrolyzed natural Rice Protein, Natural Vitamin E Complex (D- alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols), natural Vitamins C, F, and A complexes, and 100% Pure Essential Oils.

Overall, this shampoo is infused with an assortment of healthy herbs that you will not find in your regular commercial shampoo products, which contain toxic chemical ingredients. With this abundance of plant ingredients, you can expect the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo to have a distinct medicinal odor; if you can get the scent pass your nose, this is a stellar product to use if you want the best for your hair.  Also, due the fact that there are no chemical ingredients in the shampoo, you won’t get that thick shampoo texture.  It has a more thin and liquid like texture, so pour carefully when applying.

What are others saying?

Despite the cost of around $50 and the medicinal herbal smell, customers are still in favor of using this shampoo due to its organic qualities and the fabulous hair results it produces. Some have experienced that this shampoo cleans and rinses very well, which leaves the hair hydrated and healthy. Also, some have mentioned that there’s no need to use a separate conditioner when using this shampoo.  With the rich and versatile ingredients already in the shampoo, it serves as both a shampoo and conditioner. This is definitely something to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing this product.

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The bottom line is this. If you find that Dr. Alkaitis philosophy (“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”) resonates with how you think about the products you use on your body, this product would certainly fall inline with your values.  In all reality the question does not only come down to if this shampoo product is worth it, but is your health worth it.

What do you say?

Have you used this shampoo product before? Do you think it’s worth it?  Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.