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Pros: SLS Free Shampoos help protect your hair hair, scalp and your body as a whole from harmful chemicals, that can cause some significant damage to your overall health.
Cons: There are really no major cons associated with these types of shampoos. The only thing you many need to get used to is not expecting as much lather as you would get from commercial shampoos.

Just before diving into the reviews, let’s get an overview of what is meant by SLS.  Sodium lauryl sulphate, commonly referred to as SLS, is an ester of sulphuric acid and can be found as an active chemical ingredient in most shampoos and soaps that are sold throughout the world. SLS is also an excellent surfactant that is used in the removal of stains such as oil and grease stains. Studies have shown that this ingredient can cause harmful effects on the hair and body if used routinely over a period of time. For this reason, people are being advised to switch to an SLS free shampoo.

Continued use of shampoos containing SLS has been shown to cause skin irritation, and in extreme cases, corrosion of the skin. This might lead to skin diseases such as skin dermatitis among other serious skin ailments. Another harmful effect of the chemical compound is eye irritation especially in young children and this might result in eye deformities. Cases of cataracts in adults are increasing due to the constant exposure to the compound.

Should You Be Concerned About SLS Ingredients?

One of the main concerns of using shampoos and soaps containing SLS is the increased risk of getting cancer. It has been proven that the ester is carcinogenic and is easily absorbed into the body during application. It is also responsible for hormonal imbalances in men and women because it tends to mimic the performance of the hormone. The effects of hormonal imbalances include reduced male fertility and increased cases of female cancers such as breast cancer.

SLS also has harmful effects on the human hair through the use of shampoos that contain the dangerous compound. It erodes the hair follicles and causes scalp irritation. The ability to repair damaged follicles and grow hair is strongly impaired. People will also experience an itchy scalp as a result of using such shampoos. The main reason why SLS is used in these common household products is because it is cheap and readily available.

Due to these harmful effects of the sulphate more people are turning to organic shampoos that do not contain SLS. These shampoos do not produce as much lather as those that contain sulfates, but they do have several advantages over them. They help reduce scalp irritation and provide hydration for the scalp. They also assist in reducing hair breakage and loss all in all reversing the effects of harmful chemicals on the scalp.

Before purchasing a sodium lauryl sulphate free shampoo, one should take a look at the ingredients to ensure there are no harmful chemicals in the shampoo. You should also look for shampoo reviews in order to gain information on the best organic shampoos on the market. You should also ensure that the shampoo you choose is appropriate for your hair type and goes well with hair color, just in case you have colored your hair. The following are reviews on some of the best SLS free organic shampoos out on the market today.

Reviews: 3 of the Best SLS Free Shampoos

Acure Organics Shampoo Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cell

Acure Organics Shampoo Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Stem CellThis organic Acure Organics Shampoo Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cell SLS free shampoo goes for $11.95 and is designed to provide long lasting moisture for even the most dry and damaged hair. This lasting moisture is guaranteed by the Triple Moisture System. This is a combination of Argan oil stem cells and Buckthorn oil which is very rich in Omega 7.

Most users of this product have commented that it is excellent for colored hair as it does not remove the colored dye from the hair. It also lathers very well as compared to other organic shampoos in the market. The light almond scent leaves the hair smelling great all day. The hair types best suited for this product includes normal hair, dry or damaged hair and curly hair types. Acure Organics, a reputable brand in the production of organic products, is the mastermind behind this great product.

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Shampoo

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue ShampooThe Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Shampoo is a purely organic shampoo that utilizes botanical extracts, vitamins and essential oils to provide users with beautiful, strong hair and healthy scalps. The botanical extracts include lemon tea tree oil and aloe vera leaves. The vitamins contained in this shampoo include vitamin C extracts and Vitamin E.

The Scalp Rescue Shampoo is ideal for any hair type and for all ages. The ingredients help to hydrate dry hair and scalps and is also suitable for oily hair types. Other hair problems that can be fixed by the product include itchy scalps as well as flaky hair. This SLS free shampoo leaves the hair looking strong and naturally shiny.

The customer reviews on this product are very promising with one customer testifying that this shampoo helped to clear trichotillomania which is another word for obsessive hair pulling. Other customers claim that it works wonders for tangled and frizzy hair. The product goes for about $15 on and is manufactured and sold by Etaliz.

Organic Excellence Shampoo – Chemical Free

Organic Excellence Shampoo - Chemical FreeThis shampoo is manufactured by Organic Excellence and it goes for $17.98 per bottle on Amazon. It has a variety of natural ingredients that help to restore the scalp and the hair to their natural healthy states. Most of these ingredients are botanical and they include sage, rosemary, fennel and ginger extracts as well as lemon grass extract.

This product is ideal for people who have sensitive scalps, those with allergies and helps to reverse the harmful effects that different chemicals have had on the hair. For instance, the shampoo helps to reduce the amount of hair that falls out to a negligible level. The shampoo also has a mint hair care system and helps to ensure that a natural pH balance of the hair is maintained on a regular basis. The shampoo is ideal for all hair types.

Many customers who have used the product have had a positive experience. People suffering from various scalp ailments such as seborrhoeic dermatitis have also found this shampoo very effective in reducing the itching sensation on their scalps. Even those with no scalp ailments have found this shampoo essential in maintaining their hair. The Organic Excellence Shampoo
contains no sulphur esters such as SLS, no detergents and no anti freeze making it an excellent SLS free shampoo.

What are some of your favorite SLS Free Shampoos?