You may be aware that organic shampoo products are the best choice for your health and safety. What you may not know is which brands are the best and where you can find the best organic resources. The list below will help you to select the best organic brands as well as give you invaluable information on the internet.

Acure Organics

Acure Organics is a family based business that seeks to provide fair trade. The company’s mission is to provide natural as well as certified products that are 100% organic. This means that the company does not engage in any form of animal testing and that its products are free from harmful chemicals found in commercial products. Acure’s products are free of sulfates, parabens, preservatives, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

Desert Essence

Desert Essence was founded in 1978 the company’s goal from the beginning has been to offer products that contain natural ingredients, these natural ingredients are inspired by the desert. The company continues to find new ways to use natural ingredients, it was the first to market jojoba oil and tea tree oil. You are guaranteed top of the line products that do what they claim when you use Desert Essence products.

Dr. Alkaitis

Dr.Alkaitis is a line of skin care products that uses edible ingredients. It is the belief of Dr.Alkaitis, the founder of the company, that if you cannot eat it, you should not use it on your skin. This means that no chemicals are used to create the products. Dr.Alkaitis’ products support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner’s is a family owned company, the family has a German-Jewish soap making traditon. Their soaps are made by using only the best natural ingredients. A Dr.Bronner’s soap is guaranteed to have only the best natural ingredients, this means that the ingredients are biodegradable as well as vegetable based, no thickeners or preservatives are used. The company also uses post-consumer recycled bottles and paper for packaging.

Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka is a natural skin care line, it was create in 1967 by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, this was his way of helping to heal humanity and the earth. His products work with the skin to help it to naturally renew itself. Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetic line is created with the belief that beauty is the result of skin health.

Intelligent Nutrients

Intelligent Nutrients cosmetics are designed on the premise that everything we put on our bodies should be safe enough to put in our mouth. Their products are gluten free and are infused with essential oils that are certified as organic. They contain antioxidants to help with the boosting of immunity as well as to reduce inflammation.

John McMasters Organics

John McMasters Organics products are made with ingredients that are wild-harvested and use stem distilled extracts. John McMasters began this line because he believes in protecting the earth and protecting the environment while trying to attain beautiful hair and skin. Among the organizations that certify the ingredients in his products are EcoCert and the Organic Crop Improvement Association.

Just Natural Skin Care

Just Natural Skin Care makes almost every product by hand to preserve the natural ingredients from deterioration. They are always on the look out for new natural ingredients from around the world to improve their current formulas. The company attempts to make natural products that don’t just temporarily fix problems but instead have a long lasting impact on skin and hair health.

Max Green Alchemy

Max Green Alchemy uses ingredients that come completely from plants. This company is so sure you will like their products that they offer a money back guarantee. The products are paraben-free, lanolin free and petrochemical free. They package their products in materials that have been recycled.

Morroco Method

Morroco Method has for over forty years produced top quality, environmentally friendly products for hair and skin. The products they make are wild-crafted and are designed to nourish and detoxify. The result is nourishment that is so intense it produces beautiful hair and skin.

Shea Moisture

The Shea Moisture product line began in 1912, it is one of the oldest organic companies, it produces natural products for both adults and babies. Their products are gluten free and free of all chemical fragrances. with ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil ,argon oil, mango butter and raw Shea butter this company produces safe and effective products.

Skinny Skinny

Skinny Skinny is dedicated to creating organic skin care products that result in beautiful skin and hair. All ingredients used in this company’s products have been certified as organic and essential oils are used to provide natural fragrances. All products are guaranteed to be free of sulfates, parabens and are cruelty-free.

Do you know of some top brands that should be on this list?  Please feel free to share them with us.