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Pros: Organic fragrance free shampoos contain absolutely no synthetic or other chemical based ingredients to produce un-natural fragrances, that may be harmful to your hair and overall health.
Cons: Since these shampoo are "fragrance free", the only minor thing to remember is that they are unscented and have no sweet smelling fragrances to them.

A fragrance free shampoo does not contain any chemical fragrance. Chemical fragrances may smell really good, but they contain dangerous chemicals that can cause irritation and other issues. Some of these chemicals are also known to be very carcinogenic. For this very reason, using a shampoo without fragrance is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your hair and your health in general.

Fragrance is one of those things we expect to find in our shampoo, in fact, most of us look out for a particular scent when we buy a shampoo product. If we use a particular brand regularly then we will often have a favorite scent. For many years, no one thought there could possibly be any danger in this. However, research has now shown that chemical fragrances are dangerous to our overall health and that it is one of the most dangerous ingredients found in many commercial shampoos today.

Manufacturers know that we shop with our nose. This is why they use fragrances in shampoos to pull us to the product. These fragrances also mask the unpleasant smell of many of the other synthetic and toxic ingredients found in shampoos.

Here is a list of chemical fragrance ingredients that are commonly used and their side effects:

  1. Linalool is used not only in shampoo but also in perfume, hand lotion, bar soap and dishwashing liquid. The side effects include respiratory tract problems and nasal irritation.
  2. Methylene Chloride was banned by the FDA in 1989. However it is still being used because of trade secret laws that are still protecting the chemical fragrance business. It is carcinogenic and is easily absorbed and stored in body fat.
  3. Ethyl Acetate is used in shampoos and even dishwashing liquid. It is known to irritate the eyes as well as the respiratory tract. It irritates the skin causing it to become dry and to crack.
  4. Ethanol is used in perfume, shampoo, fabric softener, detergent and even shaving cream. It can cause fatigue and is also capable of irritating the eyes and may cause the respiratory tract to become inflamed.
  5. Benzyl Alcohol is used in shampoos, perfumes as well as soap and cologne; it is also a common ingredient in air fresheners. It has been known to cause nausea and headaches. It may also induce vomiting and lower blood pressure (hypotension).

One of the main reasons to consider using an organic fragrance free shampoo is that it is usually hypoallergenic and does not irritate the nose, eyes or cause adverse reactions on the scalp, as it is free of any chemical fragrances. So if you’re sensitive to certain types of scents, a fragrance free shampoo would be a great option to use. This type of shampoo often helps to make hair healthier, as no chemical ingredients are present to strip hair and cause it lose its luster. The scalp becomes healthier and the hair grows stronger.

Some safer alternatives to chemical fragrances include the use of lavender oil and other essential oils for aroma. Check the label of any shampoo you buy to make sure that it does not contain any of the toxic fragrance chemicals discussed.

Look out for organic and natural plant based ingredients such as chamomile and olive oil in your shampoo to ensure that you do not purchase anything that will damage your hair or threaten your health in general.

Reviews: 3 Organic Fragrance Free Shampoo Products

John Masters Organics Bare – Unscented Shampoo for All Hair Types

John Masters Organics Bare - Unscented Shampoo for All Hair Types
One of the best on the market, this John Masters Organics shampoo is great for all hair types and is rated highly by consumers because it cleans well without leaving any form of build up or residue. It cost around $16 dollars and is ph balanced. It is infused with chamomile and white tea. It also contains jojoba oil that cleans the scalp naturally without stripping it. It contains no harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate and is gentle enough to be used on color treated hair. The John Masters product line is noted for being eco-friendly as the company seeks to create products that treat the earth with the respect it deserves.

Desert Essence Organic Pure Shampoo – Fragrance Free

Desert Essence Organic Pure Shampoo Fragrance FreeThis Desert Essence  shampoo is gentle and fragrance free. It effectively cleans the hair without causing any form of build-up. It is loaded with organic extracts and oils that help to give moisture and infuse the hair with minerals and vitamins to help it grow stronger. Most consumers with allergies find that this shampoo is ideal for them as its natural properties do not trigger allergic reactions.

The Dessert Essence brand was started in 1978. Since then it has used natural ingredients to create high quality products that are gentle on the skin and the environment. This brand is a trusted brand not only for hair care but for natural skin care as well. It is reasonably priced as an eight ounce bottle of fragrance free shampoo costs about $8-10 dollars on average.

NaturOli Soap Nut/Soapberry Shampoo – Organic Natural Hair Care

NaturOli Soap Nut ShampooThis shampoo is available in two formulas, normal to oily and normal to dry.  The shampoo is all natural and will effectively cleanse your hair of any residue that has accumulated over the years. In addition to being fragrance free it is also gluten free and sulphate free. Some consumers take a while to see the effects of using this shampoo, especially if they have years of chemical build up.

Once this build up has been removed then the hair will begin to recover its natural luster and shine. This is because only the best botanical extracts and oils are used in the shampoo. These ingredients target hair and scalp issues effectively. It comes in a sixteen ounce bottle and costs about $21 dollars. The manufacturer NaturOli uses Olive oil and its extracts as a base for most of its products.

As mentioned before, the best choice for your hair are natural products. Most of the time consumers do not think of fragrances as chemicals, but unfortunately they are just that ‘chemicals’, and most of them are dangerous even if they smell pleasant. It is best to use a fragrance free shampoo not just for the health of your hair and body, but for the health of the environment as well. With so many healthy scent free options on the market, you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs.