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  1. You will find that a thickening shampoo will give you additional volume
  2. Your hair will be easier to style
  3. Your hair will hold styles better than it did before
  1. The effects of a volumizing shampoo only last until the next wash
  2. Although they are organic most of these shampoos coat the hair strand to give volume, so it is easy to get a residue build up over time
  3. Build up will need to be clarified after long periods of using even the best thickening shampoo

Thickening shampoos are purchased by those who wish to add volume and body to their hair. Hair may lack volume and body due to being thin and fine. Fine hair does not hold style easily and has the tendency to look lifeless. The best thickening shampoo to use is one that is organic and infused with natural ingredients.

How Do Hair Thickening Shampoos Work?

Before we get to the reviews, lets understand a few quick facts about thickening shampoos.

Hair thickening shampoos simply work by temporarily swelling the strands of the hair. This means that all the strands of the hair will become swollen and give an appearance of overall thickness. Thickening shampoos go by several names, they may be called extra body or volumizing shampoo. Some hair thickening shampoos may also be two in one and may offer cleansing as well as conditioning for the hair in order to increase volume.

When buying an organic thickening shampoo you should consider the ingredients. If the shampoo claims to be organic then you should make sure that you check the labels carefully. Organic shampoos should be free of sulfates and parabens as well as toxic fragrances which have the potential to damage hair. The ingredients in an organic thickening shampoo should be completely natural and free of harmful chemicals that will strip hair of its natural ingredients. Look out for natural ingredients such as bergamot, carrot, aloe vera, coconut, tea tree oil and chamomile to name a few.

Now on to the reviews.

Three of the Best Thickening Shampoos

Thicker Hair Shampoo by Just Natural Organic Care

Thicker Hair Shampoo by Just Natural Organic Care

If your hair is fine and looking lifeless and flat then this shampoo, by Just Natural Organic Care, is for you as it gives your hair lots of body and bounce. Life and volume will be added to your hair. It contains pro-vitamin B5 that will strengthen and repair the hair making it not just strong from the outside but from the inside as well. It is free of many damaging ingredients found in most shampoos. This means that it does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and that it is also paraben free and safe for hair that is color treated.

Some of the major ingredients that this shampoo contain are Aloe vera leaf juice, horsetail extracts, jojoba oil, borage oil, grapefruit and sandalwood. It is also infused with vitamin E and coconut. The wealth of natural ingredients makes using this shampoo one of the best choices you can make. The Just Natural brand is renowned for producing high quality organic products that protect the environment while increasing the volume and health of the hair without the side-effect of weighing it down.

Most people find that this shampoo suits their fine hair and experience excellent results especially if they have hair that is color treated. A more organic solution to volumizing enables them to keep their hair very healthy without any extra build up. This shampoo is a bit on the pricey side as it costs about 25.99 US per bottle; it certainly makes up for the cost by providing high quality.

Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Shampoo

Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Shampoo

This shampoo contains biotin to strengthen the hair follicle. One of the major ingredients is yucca, which thickens the hair and helps to curb hair loss. This shampoo is fortified with Baobab oil which contains many vitamins, these include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D vitamin E, as well as vitamin F. These vitamins make the hair extremely strong and full of bounce and shine.

Some consumers report that after trying other famous brands they finally settled on this brand. It is sulfate free and the infusion of Shea butter in the ingredients make it ideal for those who require an organic moisturizing and thickening shampoo for their fine hair.

Consumers also report that the amazing scent of this shampoo is one of the reasons that they gravitate towards it. The scent is not overpowering and is very pleasant. It lathers up well and once rinsed it leaves the hair feeling soft, smooth and bouncy. Consumers with dry scalp also like this shampoo a lot and say that it makes the scalp feel not just clean but supple as well.
The company that manufacturers this product has a long history of providing natural products. They have been doing it since 1912 and know what it takes to make a natural product that works. The product is affordable and cost about 9.99 US per bottle. It is recommended that you use the conditioner along with this shampoo for excellent results.

Avalon Organics Shampoo Biotin B-Complex

Avalon Organics Shampoo Biotin B-ComplexAvalon is a popular brand for organic products; it is well known for providing all-natural products that can be counted on for their quality. Avalon is dedicated to making products that are environmentally friendly and which promote and encourage the use of natural ingredients.

Their thickening shampoo is fortified with saw palmetto, vitamin E, biotin as well as wheat protein. This will penetrate the scalp making the hair thick and bouncy. If you want longer hair this shampoo is also for you as it encourages growth.

It is certified as organic and is among those cosmetics that are cruelty free, meaning that no animal testing was done and that it is completely vegetarian. Major ingredients in this shampoo are carrot, bergamot, oat, avocado and aloe leaf juice. It costs about 12.28 US per bottle.

Consumers report that thinning hair becomes stronger with use of this shampoo. The shampoo has also been reported to stop shedding overtime. So this shampoo doesn’t just coat the hair to provide temporary volume but it works at letting the hair gain volume naturally by infusing it with healthy herbal extracts that penetrate the scalp for a deeper shine and bounce.

Once you find the best thickening shampoo for you, you are bound to experience healthy, shiny hair.

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